i’ve never been a fan of the underdog position.  i’m not one who just loves to rise to a challenge and will go to any lengths to emerge victorious.  i rarely give things a try that i’m not fairly certain i’ll be able to do.  for example, when i was in high school, i was in this government program called “youth and government.”  in my 3 years in Y&G, i never ran for any office that i wasn’t pretty sure i was going to win.  i’ve just never had that kind of drive.  (some of you are really shocked right now, aren’t you?  sorry to crash your paradigm)  i attribute it mostly to my desire to be in control, to know the outcome, to not look bad.  but God has been working in my heart and diminishing those sinful desires, by His grace. 

and now, thanks to some friends and some recent experiences (and much grace), i think i am starting to develop a new mentality…  kuzko, from The Emperor’s New Groove sums it up best:

Pacha: “oh no.”
Kuzko: “don’t tell me.  we’re about to go over a huge waterfall.”
Pacha: “yep.”
Kuzko: “sharp rocks at the bottom?”
Pacha: “most likely.”
Kuzko: “bring it on….  boooooyaaaaaahhhhh!”


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