i went to the gym this morning.  and i decided that women who use 12lb free weights should not be allowed to do “girl” push-ups (on your knees instead of your toes).  i mean, come on.  there’s something just not right about that…

i also went to the doctor today.  not a normal doctor.  he does osteopathic manipulation.  something with soft body tissue and pressure points.  it’s wondrous strange.  he’s a family friend so it wasn’t weird, but he basically squeezed my head a little, applied some pressure to my collar bones and after 10 minutes said, “yep, there it goes” and suddenly i had way more movement and balance in the right side of my body where previously it had been a little stiff, and my shoulders were very sore.  and despite the fact that Dr M wears referee-type pants and his NY accent emerges when he says words like “opporTOOnity” and “constiTOOtion,” (think “i coulda been a contenduh” except only on the ‘too’ sounding phonemes) he prayed with me before beginning the treatment and is very kind and good at what he does. 

it’s really scary how internet dependant my work often is.  i was without internet and most email for almost all of the day today and it was seriously inconvenient!  that can’t be good…

in other news, i’ve gotten my coworker girls completely hooked on the soundtrack Wicked.  they’ve no both purchased it and they even play it when i’m not there.  rock on.

in other news… i have taken a step backward in technology.  i have ditched my palm pilot for a spiral bound, pen and paper day planner.  “are you shocked?”  believe it or not, my palm pilot was becoming more of a hindrance than a help (inability to look at a whole week at once, losing all my information everytime i changed the batteries, having to write in ‘palm hand,’ the task list was really unhelpful so i had separate paper to-do lists, etc), so i bought a $5 planner from target that is serving me just splendidly!  hooray!  you know, sometimes newer and more technological is not always better…


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  1. Andrea,
    Hey……well I use 15 lbs barbells for biceps, triceps and lats…………………..but unfortunately it doesn’t help much in the push-up department. Who knows…maybe it works different muscle.  I, shamefully, must admit that sometimes I have to bust out the girl pushups.  *sigh* It’s so sad! 🙂
    but that Dr sounds cool. Referee pants and a NY accent.  I bet he only drinks ICED COFFEE.  When I worked at the ‘buck every guy from the east coats ordered iced coffee.  It’s a dunkin donuts thang!

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