for mother’s day, i got to make the special dessert for our family.   
i wanted to try something new, and it needed to be non-chocolate since
my mom’s not a chocolate person.  so i found this recipe for
“lemon ginger cake with raspberry curd filling.”  that’s it!
i thought.  so yesterday i made the cake and the filling. 
this afternoon i assembled the cake and filling and frosted the
cake.  oh my.  for a while there the cake bore a frightening
resemblance to the cake the fairies in “Sleeping Beauty” make for
Aurora/Rose….before they bust out the magic wands. 
yeah…  but don’t worry.  i didn’t have to use any brooms to
prop it up.  once i realized that the frosting was just too warm,
and once i had put the cake and frosting in the fridge for about 45
minutes, all was well.  it turned out quite nicely.    now i just hope it tastes decent…  haha!

oh and the picture above was brought to you courtesy of my NEW digital camera!  woo-hoo!!  check it out:

i got it yesterday and so far i completely love it!  the thing
is smaller than my ipod (in length and height at least – it’s about
twice the width)!  and my favorite feature – what really sold me
on it – is that there is practically NO delay when you take the
picture!  i feel like i’m using a 35mm, not a digital!  so
yes, andrea is very happy. 

happy mother’s day to all y’all’s moms! 


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  1. Andrea we are changing the swing dance to Thursday night the 25th I hope you can still come and teach us.  I was wondering is it going to be just you or are you bringing someone to help teach us?

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