hello friends!  i would like to introduce you to my new friend!  this is Robin – say “hi!”:

robin is my new (to me) ’95 toyota camry that i just bought!  yay!  what?  what happened to ralph?  oh yes.  you all remember ralph, right? 

ralph has now been passed along to his new owner – luz  which is very nice because not only does luz need a car, but i don’t have to part with ralph so suddenly.  he has become quite endeared to me, you know.  good ol’ ralph.

but anyway, back to robin.  oh, why did i name her robin, you ask?  well, see, this was one of those situations where the name had already been picked out and we were waiting for the right car to come along and claim the name.  see, when my parents bought their santa fe, we nicknamed it ‘the bat mobile.’  and i decided then that when i got a car, we would name it robin, since it would probably be a smaller car and would like very much a like a sidekick (see the batman theme?).  however, when ralph came along we all agreed that he just wasn’t a robin.  he was a ralph.  thus we named him ralph and i decided to save the name robin until i got a newer, zippy-er, spunkier car. 

and now that time has come!  the ironic thing is, the name should be robin, a male, in keeping with the batman/robin theme.  but my new car just doesn’t look like a guy!  so i decided that it will be robin, the girl.  what is even more ironic, is that i immensely dislike gender neutral names – especially when they are used for the less common gender (like “jordan” or “danny” or “alex” for a girl.  no offense to anyone out there with any of those names.  or, if you’re going to name your child a more gender neutral name, at least give it a spelling that clearly indicates the gender – like “jordyn” or “dani” or “alyx.”  okay, end rant. ahem.) so it’s rather ironic that i’m naming my car a relatively gender neutral name, AND i’m giving it the gender it really shouldn’t have, given the context!  so yeah.  i found that oddly funny. 

but nevertheless, robin is now my dear companion and chum.    tomorrow we’re going to take a little trip to the DMV together and make it all official.  sunday i’ll actually hand over the cash-ola to pay for her.   


9 thoughts on “Robin

  1. Yeah for you, but shouldn’t you be refering to her as Robyn?  I never liked my gender neutral name especially since it has a unique spelling so what did I do?  I named three of my daughters gender neutral names.  Oh my….  Congratulations!!

  2. thats just great!oh, and i had another gender neutral name pop in my head, and thought “i need to comment that one as well” but then i promptly forgot. just as soon as it came into my head, it left. yar!

  3. Actually Robin was a girl for most of last year.Stephanie Brown, AKA the The Spoiler took over the Robin Identity from Tim Drake. See?Robin was a girl in ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ as well. As seen Here.Yes, I am the king of the geeks.Nice looking car.

  4. Hey Andrea! I just wanted to say hi, I’ve been meaning to after the many xanga comments you have left for me. I’mm not such a good xanga-er. But, I do like your car name thoughts, I’ve been trying to think of a good car name myself recently. Will you be at NA? Hopefully I’ll see you then!

  5. yay! Luz is so blessed to have Ralph and Robin looks like a good new friend for you. It’s a little confusing though, so I’ll have to get used to identifying Ralph with Luz and not you and get to know Robin so I can associate her with you. yeah.

  6. Hi Andrea,  Congratulations on the new car.  Come on out to Queen Creek anytime!  We’d love to have you!  By the way, it’s me, Jeannine (Brittany’s mom).  I just got a Xanga, yesterday.

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