THIS ^^ is a fantastic book!!!  if there are any females (pronounced as The Big Kahuna says it, “fe-MALL-ays”) out there who have NOT read this book – you MUST!  it is just chock full of wonderful truths.  elisabeth elliot has just become my favorite female writer. 

a few treasures from the pages of this book for you all:
“the fact that i am a woman does not make me a different kind of Christian, but the fact that i am a Christian does make me a different kind of woman.” (p 43)

“Moses, the Bible tells us, was a “very meek man.”  I don’t think of him at all as meek in the popular sense – timid, self-abnegating, colorless.  Far from it.  But to be meek is to have a sane and proper estimate of one’s place in the scheme of things.  It is a sense of proportion.” (p 55)

and there is much more where that came from!  i just can’t find them b/c i was so eager to keep reading that i didn’t stop to grab my pencil and actually mark the book…  seriously though girls, i would recommend this book for your reading with great enthusiasm!  and it’s only like, $3.75 in the (SGC) bookstore!  if you really want to read it and don’t have the money – talk to me because i would gladly buy it for you, that’s how great i think it is!

in other news…  it’s almost here!!  there is massive excitement ensuing in my head over:



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