on the subject of ipod shuffle –

while i love not having to think at all about what music will be coming
out of my ipod and yet knowing i will like it because it’s mine…  my ipod has a strange affinity for wanting to play all my christmas music.  i only have a couple christmas cds on there!  very strange. 


3 thoughts on “

  1. did you know you can keep songs on the ipod but remove them from shuffle– i didn’t but after hearing one too many sermons during work instead of music i finally decided there had to be a way – and hark there is …

  2. how to remove songs from shuffle– go into itunes – right click on the song you want to remove from shuffle- click on the options tab select teh remove from shuffle option– you can edit multiple songs at once by clicking with ctrl key depressed then right clicking and following above– hope this helps …yeah all my christmas and sermons are now off shuffle– and now shuffle is truly a pleasure

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