i was doing some blog-hopping last week and came across this article.  I found it very interesting.  And even though it’s directed more toward guys, I found it challenging as well. 

and then this one is linked at the end of the afore-mentioned article.  thought it was good too.  a good answer to a worldly mindset…

EDIT: for some odd and unknown reason, the links are ‘hit and miss’ when it comes to working…  they worked fine when i posted them, but won’t now…  but apparently some people can get them to work.  i guess only the anointed ones… 


6 thoughts on “

  1. Your “blog-hopping” reminds me of the other day when Paul came and collapsed on the couch exclaiming “I was sucked in…..the black hole of blogs…” 8-o
    They seem to be dead links for me too.

  2. They’re not dead they’re just…skittish… =)Yeah, those are articles are very helpful (esp the first). Thought: all that “test driving” and looking for the “best deal” [on a girl?!] probably isn’t going to lead to contentment later on….

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