this morning i’m sitting at the kitchen table having my devotions,
and my mom walks by and goes out to the backyard.  seconds later
she comes back in and fiercely whispers, “andrea!  come
here!”  i hurry through the back door and there, meandering
through the rock along the outskirts of our back yard is this fellow:

dead serious!!  here are more pictures to prove it:

so there he was, moseying around and eating blades of grass… 
my mom said that his front legs give her the willies. 

we’re not entirely sure how he got back there…  our house
sits in the corner of a cul-de-sac, so about half a dozen other
backyards jut up against ours.  there was a portion of our fence
that had been pulled away between our backyard and one of our rear
neighbors – but the hole seriously didn’t look large enough for this
critter to fit through!  crazy fun…

EDIT: i’ve been corrected – the critter is actually a tortoise,
not a turtle.  and no, he’s not still in our yard.  my mom
went and notified the neighbors and i believe they took him back. 

ps – for those of you who are still trying to figure out how to
remove songs from your ipod shuffle… i’ve received a bit more intel
on the matter…  right click on the track you want removed, go to
“get info” and then under the “options” tab you’ll see an option to
“skip when playing shuffle.”  unfortunately, my itunes wouldn’t
let me do it with more than one track at a time…  but that’s how
you do it! 


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