i’m here in pasadena – and having a great time already!

last night we went to this restaurant called Gordon Biersch (sp?) and there was a live jazz band. it was pretty cool! a tad loud – which definitely cut down on the opportunity for fellowship, but we made do when the band took a break – but it was still very fun! we had a great laugh when the singer lady suddenly put on this…thing…that looked like a metal breastplate that was “viking chick” on the top half and looked like an old-fashioned washer-board on the bottom half. and if that wasn’t odd and funny enough – she started PLAYING it during the song! like, had these..things..in her hands that she would run up and down the washboard part for an added sound effect! it was hilarious. we laughed so hard! anyway…

i slept in this morning till 9! it’s been quite some time since i did that! aaahhh….

PS – hey i noticed on my feedback log/left hand column, i now have a place for “messages”… anybody know what that’s about? i don’t have any messages at present, so i’m not sure how it works…


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