well, i had a lot of thoughts go through my head this past weekend
while i was in california.   random and silly thoughts and
some more deep ones…

side note: – it’s 10:10! 

instead of dumping a deluge of random thoughts all into one post, i’ll spread them out over a couple days… 

for starters:
– dinner with friends and live blues music outside on a cool august evening in old town pasadena are delightful.

– having a great conversation about caregroups during said dinner is even better.
– getting a call that my dear friend is now engaged absolutely made my night!!!
– there is just nothing like strolling along the beach, letting the tide come in and swirl around your ankles as the sun sets…
– campfires on the beach where you roast corn and chili dogs and sit
around quoting old school disney animated movies are super fun. 

– campfires that send burning embers down your shirt and burn off a couple layers of skin just below one’s clavicle is not quite so super fun…. 
– deciding to just up and go spend the afternoon at disneyland with your cousin is a blast!
– spending 6 hours in the sun and not getting sunburned is even better!
– and getting to ride 5 rides that i had never ridden before is the best!
– calvin and hobbes are the best ever.  simply the best.  i
read the entire book revenge of the babysat on the flight home. 

until next time…


2 thoughts on “thoughts…

  1. thanks for being so excited for us! i wish i could have talked longer! i will def try and give you a ring soon so that we can really catch up.much love! 🙂

  2. One eprop because Calvin & Hobbes is the best. I read those like crazy as a kid and love them even more now that I get all the humor. Another eprop for Disneyland. I basically grew up there. If I could I’d give another eprop for live blues.

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