you know how at disneyland, you ride the little tram thing from the
parking garage to park entrance?  on monday, nicole and i had
gotten off the tram and were walking toward the park when we passed a
young girl (11 years old or so?) and her mom.  (i think the girl
had a slight mental impairment)  but as the tram pulled away, the
girl grew quite upset as her mom tried to guide her away toward the
parks.  the girl started crying and pleading, “but i want to ride
the train!  it’s so fun!  pleeeeeaasse!!!!” 

for a moment, the scenario seemed ironic and humorous to me.  i
mean, hello!  you want to ride the tram back and forth from the
parking garage when disneyland
is waiting for you only a few feet away?!  and almost instantly it
occured to me, “i wonder how often that is my response to God’s
leading?”  i see and cling to something i think is so
wonderful, when something infinitely better awaits me just around the
corner.  “‘i know the plans that i have for you…’ says the
Lord…”  and do i really trust Him that when something i wanted
or something [seemingly] good is taken from me, that He has something
so much better in store for me? 

as well, am i distracted by “good” things to the point where i don’t even see the wonder and gloriousness of Him?  do i prize the gift over the Giver? 

who thought walking into disneyland would produce such an insight into my own soul? 


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  1. WOW that was really encouraging Andrea! thanks for sharing, I actually have been thinking the same thing lately, God does not withhold any good gift from us, even though sometimes we may think he does, but he doesn’t, He not only saved our souls but he continues to lavish on us good gifts…thanks for sharing that again friend!

  2. What was that? Oh, sorry…I got distracted thinking about the train at Disneyland…the part where you go through prehistoric times…and the cool voice…and the chugging and whistling and…The post was good too. =)

  3. Isn’t it kind of God to allow us to see things like that?  Thanks for sharing, that was encouraging!  I hope that you enjoy the rest of your trip! 

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