“oh the cleverness of me…”

i was talking with a friend this morning and she was telling me how smart she thought i was, etc.  and naturally, i was inclined to agree with her.  ::wink::  but i soon recalled a rather humorous story that reveals how sometimes, it is possible to be a little too smart. 

it was the summer of 2002.  i was working on staff at worldview academy.  earlier in the week i had gone on a wal*mart run for the staff, picking up miscellaneous items that various staff members had needed/wanted (toothbrush, bag of skittles, dental floss, etc).  i put the everything on my debit card and the staff each just paid me back in cash.  i collected the cash, planning to deposit it when i got home, about a two weeks later.  however, i didn’t have anything to keep the cash in until i got home.  i needed an envelope.  but there were no envelopes to be found.  no problem, i thought, i’ll just make an envelope – you know, folded out of paper.  after all, that’s all an envelope really is – a folded piece of paper.  so, being the clever girl that i am, i found a piece of paper and folded it up.  but how to make it stay together…?  hmmm…  what i really needed was scotch tape.  but all i could find was a stapler.  that’ll work, i thought.  so i stapled around the edges of the “envelope.”  hmmmm…  i wonder if some of the change could still fall out between the staples? i pondered.  yeah, i just needed scotch tape.  so while the students were in lecture, i wandered around the outside of the meeting room came across a lady sitting at a desk in a small office-type area.  “excuse me ma’am, would you happen to have some scotch tape i could have?”  she kindly obliged, opening her desk drawer and handing me her scotch tape dispenser.  i quickly and deftly taped up the envelope (over the staples, i might add).  my “makeshift” envelope was beginning to look a little atrocious at this point, but hey! i thought, it’s camp!  it’ll have to do…  i thanked the lady sweetly as i handed her back the tape dispenser, and as i walked away, this thought hit me: why didn’t i just ask her for an envelope?!?! 


i’m a smart one.  ::rollseyes::

ps – 10 bonus props er, petals if you can name the movie where this post’s title quote is from…


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