three day weekends really are wonderful… guess what i discovered over the weekend? i can play the piano! ok, so maybe i should say i RE-discovered that i can play the piano. haha. yeah, i still sit down at our piano on occasion and play around with some of the music we have, but it’s literally been YEARS since i’ve pulled out my old repertoirre. until saturday. and i was shocked at how so much of it came rushing back! i played for a couple hours this weekend… it was glorious! i’d honestly forgotten how much i loved playing… eight years of lessons weren’t wasted, hallelujah, praise the Lord.


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  1. I hope Sussy’s right…..I’m in that same boat, I just still lack the motivation…
    btw, have you figured out the new posting page with the pictures? It seems to be easier to post pictures now….

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