saw the Illusionist over the weekend.  really liked it. 

my dad and i watched The Man From Snowy River last night.  classic
lambros family favorite.  such a great movie…   “there
are a dozen good brood mares in that mob.  i’ll be back for
them… and for whatever else is mine.” 

it never fails to crack me up how people will give you the most peeved
looks on the road.  like this morning…  when you pull out
of our cul-de-sac, the road to the left curves even further to the
left, making it a bit more difficult to see someone coming around the
bend.  there have been several times where i’ve started to pull
out and then quickly braked because a car was coming that i couldn’t
see until that second.  this morning the same thing
happened.  as i began to roll onto the street, a car came around
the corner so i stopped. 

(side note: it’s 12:34 – booyah!)

and as the lady in the car drove past, she stared me down with this look of utter annoyance.  like, “how dare you
almost pull out in front of me!  what were you thinking?!”  i
had to laugh.  people are so funny sometimes… 


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  1. i saw the illustionist on opening weekend. great movie. everything in the movie was good however i believe there wasn’t much depth do it.
     mathew and i tried to talk about it, but we couldn’t find anything to talk about.
    what did you think of it?

  2. Danny/Denny.You HAVE to remember him! It’s the horse given to him by spur.The one that goes down the impossibly sheer side of the ravine in the first one, then get’s shot by the evil suiter in the second one? To which Jim replies “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”

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