i’m back! 

oh. right. i forgot to mention… i was in denver for the last 3 days.  sort of a “business trip” if you will.  i was administrating a retreat for the sr pastors and wives from SGM in the west. 

and i realized after i got there that i didn’t really tell many people that i was going!  haha – yeah, two phone calls from friends in phx saying “so – whatcha doin’?” to which i replied, “um, i’m at a stop light… in denver.”  i even forgot to let some of my friends up in denver know i was coming!  oops…  sorry all!  it was just a quick work trip so i didn’t really think much of the social/friends aspect…  anyway…

but the retreat was a blast.  i derive so much joy from seeing the pastors and wives be refreshed and get away for a time of specific teaching and ministry. 

but now i’m back! 


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