this morning a very wonderful thing happened. one of my favorite things, actually.

my ipod alarm went off. (no no, that’s not it. definitely not one of my favorite things.)

i snoozed for about 20 minutes then pulled myself out of bed. peeking out my door to see if mom was up (we were supposed to go to the gym), i saw that all the lights were still out. not a creature was stirring, not even a mom.

i thought to myself, “huh. odd. i wonder if she had a rough night and we’re not going to the gym after all…?”

then i took a couple steps to my right, leaned forward and parked my face about 3 inches from the digital clock in my room. one must do so when one is very very nearsighted and makes it a habit to not sleep with one’s contacts in.


i blinked and read it again.


wha-? my ipod usually starts filling my room with soft music, pulling me out of that lovely land of sleepville, where everything is warm and comfortable and one experiences a glimpse of perfect contentment and satisfaction; where all seems right and perfect in the world, where – oh, sorry. got a little caught up. where was i? oh yes. typically that unwelcome interruption to my blissful state occurs at 5:30am. and i KNOW that i set my alarm for 5:30am the night before. what in the world had happened?!

then it hit me. my ipod was still set to Mountain Standard Time from my trip to denver. in denver, it was 5:58am.

so where’s the wonderfulness in all of this? i’m sure most of you are failing to see even the slightest bit of anything positive or happy in this event that happened in the 4’s – when most sane humans are still dead to the world.

well, i’ll tell you. the wonderfulness happened when i realized that i now got to crawl back into my warm bed and sleep for another 45 minutes – guilt free!

and THAT is one of my favorite things.

::happy sigh::


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