i bought this cd last night.  i’d forgotten how much fun the music
from this play is!!  i mean, c’mon – andrew lloyd webber (phantom)
and tim rice (lion king)?  how can you go wrong?!  “red &
yellow & green & brown & scarlet & black & ochre
& peach & ruby & olive & violet & fawn & lilac
& gold & chocolate & mauve & cream & crimson &
silver & rose & azure & lemon & russet & grey &
purple & white & pink & orange…”


although my hair is red, i’m afraid i can’t say with Anne “i never make
the same mistake twice.”  but i can sure try!  since i failed
to inform the xanga world last time i left town, i am making an added
effort to not repeat the offense.


i’m leaving for maryland tomorrow evening!  i’m going for vacation/to visit friends.  like them, and her, and him and her, to name a few.  (and i was reminded that i forgot to mention this fun person.)  i’ll be home monday night. 

now you know.   hopefully this will prevent at least a couple awkward phone calls

and yes, andrew, i will be missing caregroup.  again. 
please try to keep the caregroup wrath at bay and i hopefully i’ll be
reinstated as a member of the caregroup on the 20th.  ::wink::


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  1. cool cd. i really like this musical. i saw the version with donny osmond. very scary. but good. supposetly kevin max from dc talk fame was performing it out in california, with him playing joseph.

  2. haha, the short attention span thing was for the pastors. =) I think it’s rubbing off and because the other day………um, wait what was I saying? Oh yeah speaking of iced coffee….

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