what a great movie.  i love oscaar wilde.

“in matters of grave importance, style – not sincerity – is the vital thing.” 

“what a charming boy.  i like his hair so much.”

“in half an hour they will probably be calling each other ‘sister’.”
“my friend, women only call each other that after they have called each other many other things first.”

“i love Gwendolyn and have come up to town expressly to propose to her.”
“i thought you said you came for pleasure.  i call that business.”
“how utterly unromantic you are.”
“i really don’t see anything romantic in proposing.  why, one may be accepted.  one usually is, i believe.  then the excitement is all over.  the very essence of romance is uncertainty.”

“gwendolyn, you are absolutely perfect.”
“oh i hope i am not that.  that would leave no room for development.”


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  1. Oh wow, you need to talk to my sister…she *loves* that movie… The play is even funnier if you just read it. especially if you read it out loud (though that does look a bit odd). *so good*

  2. i love this movie. john anderson and i sang along to lady come down over a gazzilon times when we were doing campaign signs at midnight-2am four years ago…he’s earnestand i’m algy.

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