“wow.  i tell ya what – wow.” 

this video is amazing.  disturbing.  revealing.  shocking.  encouraging. 


and girl talk has a great perspective on it.  read it here.

edit:  it’s everywhere!  check this out!


5 thoughts on “

  1. and i need my cheeks done.from a guy, it breaks my heart to see beauty twisted and morphed. beauty lies in the heart. not in photo editing programs.

  2. i sent it to a bunch of girls yesterday morning after my sister showed me… i was like… okay… very creepy… but encouraging?Rico’s right… we’re a culture that desperately needs the gospel… but what grace that people are starting to be aware of this kind of thing! it shows you that a knowledge of God and truth (because we’re created in His likeness) is inherently ingrained in who we are as people.

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