the pursuit of pleasure…

the videos i linked to in my previous post have gotten me thinking a bit more about what our culture values and runs after and holds up as important…

i was reading in psalm 16 during my quiet time today… and when i came across the last verse where it says, “in Your right hand are pleasures forevermore” i was struck by the term ‘pleasure.’  is not pleasure what our culture runs after so desperately?  spending time and money, exhausting itself in the pursuit of pleasure – whatever feels good – and especially hoping for pleasure that will last?  yet clearly in God’s word we read transforming words of truth – from HIS hand and HIS hand alone do we receive true pleasure.  i was reminded when i read this that it is in HIS presence and from HIS hand that we experience true pleasures and joy that will never ever fade or run out or run dry or get used up or disappear.

friends, let us exhaust ourselves running after the glorious pleasures found in HIM!


3 thoughts on “the pursuit of pleasure…

  1. so true, girl!
    Hey – was fun having you here on the east coast the other week even if you did decide not to tell the world (or was it just me) you were coming!

  2. I love what Calvin says about that verse:
    “When God is reconciled to us, we have all things which are necessary to perfect happiness.  True and solid joy in which the minds of men may rest will never be found any where else but in God; and therefore, none but the faithful, who are contented with his grace alone, can be truly and perfectly happy.”
    It’s neat to think that all that I desire and seek in this life come from God.  In Him alone is my heart satisfied, yet I will forsake Him for futile things such as sleep or the approval of others.  thankfully there is grace for a goober like me.

  3. On those videos – I’ve got all the girls at my work watching it, signing up for Dove’s email list and sending it to their friends. Maybe I should’ve just sent them to your blog instead….

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