poor raisins…

courtney and i rented this movie last night.  neither of us had seen or even heard of it, but it looked interesting, so we got it.  it was actually really good!  a bit odd (it’s basically about 2 people who are mentally not all there), but rather entertaining and we both enjoyed it!  it’s actually really hilarious in parts… for instance:

“raisins… they used to be all plump and green.  then they had the life sucked out of them.  they’re nothing but humiliated grapes.”
“it’s a shame about those grapes…”

another “classic” johnny depp role – if you can call him “classic” in yet another odd and eccentric role…


9 thoughts on “poor raisins…

  1. We love Benny and Joon! One day after church for lunch we had grilled cheese sandwiches and a friend brought an iron, it worked! Mashed potatoes should be our next Care Group endeavor. We are signed up for the conference! Whew!

  2. Dude!  Just like my Mom said it is a classic Hannula family movie!  We have watched it for years and we love it. “Classic’ Johnny Depp.  I love it!  We miss you (and Courtney) out here in California!

  3. ha! if you watch the extra features for Pirates of the Carribbean, Johnny Depp does this improv and SAYS, “shame about those grapes… humiliated grapes, really…”ha! that’s what it’s from.

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