lost and found

andrea’s crazy lost and found story numero uno:

so i have this jacket.  it’s black, leather.  it’s actually a men’s jacket that is about 5 sizes too big for me.  some of you have probably seen this jacket, as it resides on the back of my desk chair at work.  this jacket was first introduced into my life one winter morning way way back when i was working as the receptionist downstairs.  (and if you don’t remember when that was, that just gives you a good idea of how long it’s been!  pushing 3 years!)  that particular morning, it was freezing in the office and i had alas, forgotten to bring a jacket. (although i have no idea what was so particular about that morning… “freezing in the office” is a very normal and highly common condition)  lo and behold, this leather jacket was hovering atop the overflowing lost and found pile which was, at the time, in front of my desk waiting to be picked up by goodwill (i think).  i grabbed the jacket and used it to warm myself and when i was finished, i threw it across the back of my chair.  and there it has remained, through thick and thin, through 2 job transitions and 3 desk relocations.  oddly enough, i hardly ever use it.  i have a different sweater that fits me much better that also makes it’s semi-permanent residence on the back of my chair (on top of the leather jacket).  i mean, i think i can count the number of times that i’ve worn the leather jacket on one hand.  but why i never got rid of it?  must have been providence.  but i digress…  anyway, i always wondered who it’s owner had been, given that the jacket had sort of a character to it – mostly formed by the leather gloves i found in one of the pockets, and a pocket new testament in the other pocket.

well yesterday i found out! 

my caregroup leader – todd – was killing some time and doing some work up at the office in “the cubicle room” as we very cleverly call it.   
he came out for a minute and commented, “it’s freezing in there!” 
being the ever helpful and uber thoughtful caregroupee that i am, i piped up with “i have a jacket on the back of my chair you can use!  it’s even a men’s jacket so it will probably fit you.” 
he laughed and asked, “why do you have a men’s jacket on the back of your chair?” 
“oh, i rescued it from the lost and found years ago and for some reason just hung on to it,” i explained as i handed it to him.
as he reached out his hand to take it from me, a very pensively perplexed look crossed his face.  i’m sure my dear readers can all tell where this is going, so i’ll spare you the rest of the minute my minute details and just tell you – it was HIS!  no joke!  he had lost it a couple years ago and never knew where it went!! 
when i mentioned the gloves he pulled them out and said, “my gloves…” with this fond, meloncholy sigh.  and then wanted to hug me! 

it was hilarious!  all that time i had todd’s jacket sitting on my desk chair… 

EDIT: erin – todd’s wife – informed me this evening that to add to the incredulity of the story, todd is never cold!  she doesn’t think she has ever heard todd actually complain or mention being really cold.  crazy, i tell you…

andrea’s crazy lost and found story numero dos will be forthcoming…


9 thoughts on “lost and found

  1. ha! that’s pretty wild. Man, I bet he was happy to have that jacket back. I know that my leather jacket is one of my favorite things to wear!

  2. Um…okay, so I MUST say that I laughed out loud!!! I also must say that I just love working where there’s always a very interesting pile of Lost and Found!!! Shall I tell you? Oh…never mind, visit MY site and stop yelling at me to update it! ; ) Love you girl!

  3. …ahem…whoops. I’m not some weirdo…I’m JENNIFER – dat-dat-dat-da!!!! Okay, so I’m a retard when it comes to these sites, so I’ll tell my story here. ; )

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