“the best costumes are the ones that reflect a little bit of your personality.”

so says my cousin, becky.  and i must agree. 

last night i went to a costume party for sussita’s birthday!  raigan and i went as “thing 1 and thing 2” from dr seuss’s the cat in the hat – complete with blue hair!  it was SO much fun!!  and for those of you who know raigan and i – and particularly know us together – you understand how this costume does reflect a bit of us… except we don’t wreak havoc wherever we go… 

thing 1 and thing 2:

the picture of innocence:

in some ways we are so much alike, it’s scary…

up to no good?  well, either that or we’re meditating…?

off to the party!

it was quite an interesting experience getting our hair blue and crazy…

i think i found a new picture for a profile pic – what do you think?! 

there were many cute costumes at the party as well…

here we have christy as daisy from the great gatsby, and anna as kathleen kelly from “you’ve got mail.”  (hmmm… now i want to go watch that movie!)

starbucks buddies (sophia and janelle)

but this one was by far my favorite – dan and andrew.  i laughed SO hard when they came in:

fun times! 


12 thoughts on ““the best costumes are the ones that reflect a little bit of your personality.”

  1. *smiles* I think you should do the innocence one for your profile pic. At least for Halloween 🙂 Love the hair. I think it’d be fun to wear a crazy wig next year. I always am a fan of great hair.

    ~ps How did you get your pictures up?

  2. you’re faintly wind tossed hair that gently blends into the sky above is positively divine… seems to draw out the shade of your eyes. def the perfect profile picture 🙂
    hahaha… you crack me up, girl! looks like ya’ll had a blast!

  3. Hi Andrea,
    I haven’t been to your site in a while, so thought I’d stop by and check it out! 🙂 Those costumes you had are too funny- and the mormon “elders” too!

  4. I gasped when I saw Dan and Andrew!!  That is soooooo funny!  I bet they avoided those “coffee gals” like the plague!  LOL!!  I’m sending this link to Joey, he’ll just die when he sees it!

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