it’s conference week!


“oh yeah.  it’s all comin’ together.”  — kronk

conference weeks are my favorite!  ironically they are often the
least stressful weeks, as everything begins to fall into place and
really come together! 

it’s going to be GREAT! 


9 thoughts on “it’s conference week!

  1. Can’t wait!!  I will be at church earlier than 4:30 on Thursday if you need me to do anything I will be at Enrichment.

  2. um…least stressful? did i just hear you say ‘least stressful’? (well, i guess technichally i DIDN’T hear you say that, but you know….) girl, i gotta see how you do this stuff! my conference weeks are slammed! but i can’t wait to hear how it goes….find anything out about the mysterious multi-church-eral conference in march that i’m supposed to be planning? ; )

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