so… what’s this “tag” thing?  how does someone get “tagged” with something, or how do i “tag” someone?


4 thoughts on “

  1. If you mean that little survey that people were doing, you should ask someone who recently filled it out to tag you. I recently did it, but frankly, I am against tagging . I think Kurt put out a generic “I tag everybody” post a little bit back… so consider yourself tagged?

  2. i think its to help guide posts, so if you wrote about eskimos you could use the eskimo tag for people who are searching for eskimos.hmmm…

  3. Ohmigosh! I HATE tagging!!!!!! well, I hate it cuz I can’t get on! They said I’m too old! What’s up with that? How do I hack in? Ha! LOL…anyway, it kinda stinks that you can’t see what’s goin’ on b/c you’re too old…I’ve gotten ‘tagged’ by a bunch of friends…I think some of them lied about their age (again, j/k! :)) *sigh* oh to be 18 again… ; )

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