the weekend is over.  it was a great conference!  really really wonderful.

and now, i have the day off!  woo-hoo!!

and like a good, disciplined girl, i got up early this morning and went to the gym.  aren’t you proud of me?  oh yeah, and then i came home and went back sleep for 2 more hours.  ok, so i took my nap early on in the day! 

and now, i’m off to spend time with my mom – shopping! 


4 thoughts on “

  1. Thanks againg for everything you did for the conference! I am so grateful! I’m glad you’re enjoying your day off; have fun shopping! Oh and we met your dad in the parking lot at the conference. He’s hilarious! He had us laughing ’til we were crying!!

  2. Hey Andrea, I just came across your site through one of the Sovereign Grace blogrings so I thought I’d say hi! It was great to see you at the conference last week!

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