you know you’re a redneck when…

… the big event at the block party (or in our case, the cul-de-sac-and-beyond party) is seeing how misshapen the Corona bottle will get after it’s been sitting in the fire pit for 1/2 hour. 

yeah.  ::chuckle::  we had another block party tonight and busted out the fire put in the middle of the cul-de-sac.  someone brought up the idea of putting their beer bottle in the fire and seeing how it did.  it was actually kinda cool, despite the semblance of redneck-ness. 

yes, SGC ppl, i ditched the evangelism BBQ for my own personal evangelism BBQ in my very front yard!  it was great!  our neighbors are definitely unsaved and it’s such a wonderful way to build relationships and connect with them in a relaxed environment.  one of our neighbors is writing a book on the meaning of life and why we’re here.  i spent a considerable amount of time drawing him out about it.  he has some interesting ideas.  he says he has reached a place where he intuitively knows what is right and wrong, and he has a lot of new age philosphies involving karma, and tapping into the group concious (conscience?), we’re all here to be creatures that further the energy of love and the balance of love and hate need to be restored to the universe, etc, etc.  he didn’t ask me what i thought or believed, and since this was the first time i’d really talked with him about it, i thought it best to just listen and ask questions.  but maybe we’ll be able to have more of a dialogue about it in the future!  if so, i’m just praying God will give me the words, b/c this guy really thinks he’s got it all figured out. 


4 thoughts on “you know you’re a redneck when…

  1. hi, i just came by through the “humble orthodoxy” blogring. what you’re doing with your neighbors is so cool… being a little mission outpost in your own neighborhood… God bless and keep up the good work

  2. That’s great Andrea! It’s amazing how open some people are about what they think about the universe and their purpose in it (with or without God). I’m glad you got to draw out this neighbor. I’ve also been encouraged a few times at how easily people will listen to my side after they feel they’ve been heard. I think there was value in your timing. I’ll pray that he get’s a chance to hear the other side, and that he wants to hear it 🙂 Way to go chica.
    Ha ha about the redneck thing. Dontcha think fireplaces/firepits/stoves just draw people together in a special way? (aside from the purpose of getting warm)

  3. to quote someone I know… “yes you’re very smart, now shut-up…” ha! came back ta haunt ya… and you did NOT know what i was going to say… : P

  4. we burn lots of things up here in WA. Campfires are a regular part of life. I’ve done the beer bottle in the fire trick MANY o’ time. It always makes me laugh…which goes to show how juvenile my humor is. haha

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