random evidences of my nerdom…

this was what i did on Saturday.    fun times!  the scary thing is – i’m such a history lover and nerd, that i would totally want to participate in a reenactment sort of thing like that.  yeah…

i registered for Na today!  ok, i actually wasn’t planning to
demonstrate my nerdom in this fashion, but the “we’re giving away 5
free registrations every day for 5 days” got me…

i really want to see this movie.  nerdy?  not really.  but when i saw the title for the first time, my immediate thought was “they spelled ‘happiness’ incorrectly…”


3 thoughts on “random evidences of my nerdom…

  1. The reenactment thing looked cool! I did not know that you could register for NA yet. I cannot wait to go! I thought that movie looked good too. It was good to see you a couple of weekends ago and talk with you. Thanks for all the hard work you did for the women’s conference, it was a wonderful conference and was very encouraging to me! I hope to see you soon!

  2. reenactments are pretty cool. um… did Arizona even exist during the civil war? I mean, I think Texas did… but Arizona?? lol =)
    Yay for cheap flights to Louisville

  3. i thought the same thing about the title of the movie. i seriously would like to see it too. i also heard that the little boy is actually Will Smith’s son… crazy! he’s so cute 🙂

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