i like sweaters.  especially when they’re chenille and $12. 

i was doing my hair this morning and realized that i totally look like
i stepped out of that ^ movie.  a little poofy on the top, flipped
out on the bottom…  ha!  the styles that are coming back

i don’t like 24.  i got 7 episodes in and have decided not to
watch it anymore.  it’s too violent (for me – people getting
killed left and right, and sometimes in extreme/horrific ways), a bit
too crass, and unfortunately i’ve seen too many bits and pieces of
future episodes that the first season is spoiled for me.  are the
other seasons this bad, or is it just the 1st one?  because i’ve
seen episodes from other seasons that i really like, and i’m wondering
if things get any better…?

“you know what these are?” (as he counts out a wad of cash)
“presidential flashcards?” (steve zahn just rocks.  seriously)

“she’s in the coffee shop… alone… now where i come from, that just ain’t right.” (i think the bellhop dude was my favorite character )


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  1. That’s too bad you aren’t enjoying it. I think the first season was a formulative one. But the other ones have violence that sometimes peaks. Thanks for keeping us updated, lol.

  2. “There he goes again..off to write his hit single ‘alone in his principles'””A man with a really nice trailer wants to put us on the radio. you’re signing, i’m signing, we’re all signing!””You’reMyBiggestFan”…first season is terrible. skip it.

  3. Hey!  I love that movie, I was just discussing with a few girls how we need to watch it again soon!  You’ve reinspired me.  I’ll have to dig it up over my christmas break which is only about 2 weeks away!

  4. I’ve never really watched 24. Everyone I’ve talked to though has said that the 1st season is the worst. Love ‘That Thing You Do” though 🙂

  5. Wow, you don’t like 24! Well that’s your right…but I stand by my argument that Jack Bauer is the man’s man. In other words, he is what every man wants to be!

  6. Did no one tell you to skip the first 5-7 episodes? Seriously. They were horrible and the writing completly changed after that. All of our friends that we have gotten hooked we have flat out said skip the first couple episodes they are to violent and crass. I almost commented and told you to skip them but I figured you’d have heard that already. My fault. You might want to continue on… really it gets better a lot better.

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