i think i’m officially the last person in the world who has owned a cell phone for 2 years and has JUST discovered (well, had to be taught) how to use the T9word function on my txt messaging.  yeah.  i know.  i’m so in the dark ages. 

meanwhile, back at the ranch…

victoria and i are having a rockin’ time in tucson!  she loves newsies, uses bare minerals make-up, taught me how to use T9, and her birthday is the day before mine!  what more could you ask for in a friend?  “can life get any better?  i submit that it can NOT!” 

many excellent quotables have also emerged – pretty much all from her mouth, as she’s the hilarious one.

“well, depending on where january falls this year…”
“yeah, speech impediments are hot.”
“you complete me.”



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  1. HAHAHAHA. great. Don’t feel bad about the T9. I was on my second or third phone before I actually understood how it worked. And that means three years with a cell phone.Oh yeah, you should ask Ricky about “Newsies.” He’s got a priceless response. Ask him about singing and dancing to the soundtrack…Have a sparkling evening! (hehehe)

  2. T9 function saved my life! ok not really, but it is a great feature, and I thought you knew how to use it, you’d be surprised to find that many people don’t know how to use T9. so don’t feel bad.
    oh and the office in VERY quiet today, and I did my hair yesterday and sort of today
    see you tomorrow friend!

  3. *gasp* did you say ‘newsies’? I am dancing now! Open the gates, everyone! Seize the day…or night!
    Yes. That has got to be one of the greatest movies of all time! And performing it? Well, way more funner (Oh yes, I did just decide that ‘funner’ is a word!) than most things I’ve ever done…
    And T9? Um…what?

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