it’s a wonderful life!

i was reflecting last night how when i was little (note: “when i was little” very often coincides with pre-regenerated days), i was never fully satisfied with christmas.  i always wanted more presents, more food, more time during the day. 

and now – how things have changed!  i sit and am overwhelmed by the abundance of blessings that surround me.  it is so much more than i deserve!

ok, this is hilarious!!!
(shamelessly stolen from david sommerville‘s site)

Christ is born a man today
to bring His children home.


2 thoughts on “it’s a wonderful life!

  1. That IS hilarious! HAHAHAHAHA!As far as that adult attitude, I’m totally with you. Today, I was just grateful to be at home with my family, and realized just how fragile our life is and how generous God is in allowing us breath. Thanks for the great thought!

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