hands down, raspberries are my favorite fruit.  ever.


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  1. we just got a juicer. mmmmm.pineapple + orange = porange. Now i can’t wait to make a raspberry juice. (plus also i just like the look of the word. “raspberry”)

  2. my little Whatcom County produces more of the world’s raspberries than any other part of the world.  Bosnia used to be the number one producer, but then there was that whole war thing.  If you’re eating store-bought raspberries, they probably came from us.

  3. i’m not a huge fan but i LOVE the word raspberry–i love words with lots of consonants, especially ones that are difficult to say–like the silent p in this berry. 🙂

  4. What a pretty backround! It would be a joy to eat raspberries there while watching the sunrise…..On second thought, I think it would be enough just sit and praise God. I love the world in the morning.

  5. Yeah….Chris contacted me weeks ago and because i’m the best candyland card counter ever…we totally rigged it. [Seriously, if Chris was recruiting i think he could do far better than me. Like far, far better. Picking me for a team is like picking peter parker for a dodgeball game (but actually, i am a really good dodgeball player so the analogy breaks down). So yeah.]

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