photo booth is my new favorite program. 

if only i could actually get my hair to have this much body!  ::wink::

“you puck up your lips – like dis…”

this HAD to be what i looked like when i was scared as a child…

isn’t there a cartoon character that has a really square head like this? 

wow, you can really see my freckles in this one…  ::grin::


16 thoughts on “

  1. that last picture is really pretty! and I love playing with my new mac too. :Dbtw, that story about your grandma is totally sweet!**doffs her cap and vanishes**

  2. Can I just say that your profile picture is completely GEORGEOUS!!!Oh. I got a job at Ritz Camera off of Gilbert and the 202. I forgot to mention that didn’t i?

  3. i want photo booth! you look darling in all those picture! funny as they are… i also really like your current profile picture. you’re absolutely beautiful. warped face or not!

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