i’m in maryland!!  woo-hoo! 

the flight out was fun-fun.  (and i’m sorry luz, but 7:15pm flights do not count as “red-eyes.”)  we had many laughs – between the flight attendants (“when securing your oxygen masks, please secure your own first and then secure your children’s… if you’re traveling with more than one child… i guess you’ll need to decide which one has the most potential.” or “if you need to smoke you can step out into the smoking/movie section.  it’s out on the wing and we’ll be showing ‘bye bye birdie’ and ‘gone with the wind.'”) and the comedy DVD we watched… wow.  janelle and i both had sore sides by the end of the flight. 

we eventually made it to a bed by about 2:45am.  and did we fall right to sleep?  one would think so.  but no.  of course janelle and i had to start talking.  fellowship – it gets me everytime. 

but yeah.  i’m here with ally and it’s freezing and i’m loving it!  uh, the being-with-ally part, not the freezing part.  that’s not so much my favorite. 


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  1. ah!! totally random – but Ally is one of my dearest friends on EARTH. no joke. so when I saw you mentioned her, naturally I had to comment. 🙂 Isn’t she *wonderful*??

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