random stuff…

wow.  i tell ya what – wow. 

this is crazy…  i’m so glad that God gave us a created order, and blessing that comes from following that created order…


in other news…  i’m learning how great it is to be wrong sometimes.  and that God definitely has a sense of humor – and it’s ok to laugh and enjoy the crazy things He brings my way! 

He is able to do so much more than all that we can ask or imagine… 

“He who did not spare his own son, but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with Him graciously give us all things?”  Romans 8:32 

why do i ever doubt?   silly girl…


so i was reminded of this poem that i had submitted years ago to be in the Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans.  my mom had my brother and i send something in, thinking it would be a good school assignment for us… and it actually made it in the book!  haha!  thought you all might find it amusing at the least…

Those Were The Days

I remember when i was six years old,
nothing to worry about, not a care in the world;
didn’t go to school, didn’t worry about what to wear,
who cares about makeup, my figure, or my hair?

i remember when i was six years old,
it didn’t matter what people thought,
i could be shy or bold.
i did what i enjoyed, and what i thought was fun
whether it was playing dress up,
or just lying in the sun.

i remember when i was six years old,
when chatting with friends quickly grew old.
boys had cooties, who needed them anyway?
girls were the best playmates anytime of day.

as much as i enjoyed being six years old,
the days i’m living couldn’t be bought or sold.
now at seventeen, living through high school,
life is incredible, fast-paced, and FULL!

i would not go back to being six years old,
that season has passed, it now seems frigid and cold.
God has brought me so far, taught me so much,
i want to live at His feet, where i am aware of His touch

-Andrea Rebecca Lambros

and because of that, i can offically call myself a published poet.  haha!  wow…


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