“we’re all in this together…” (sorry i couldn’t resist! haha!)

ok single guys – this post is for you. 

may i offer you a word of encouragement to seek out ways to bless your single sisters?  kindness and thoughtfulness are so meaningful to us gals and we are greatly encouraged when our brothers display Godly masculinity in that regard.  for example, there have been a couple instances where a guy has called up the office and offered to bring by starbucks or lunch for the 3 of us girls who work there.  or the guy who paid for the parking of his sister in the car behind him.  they were simple but kind and thoughtful gestures that seriously just made our day.  šŸ™‚  we felt loved, cared for, respected and encouraged by the generosity and gentlemanliness displayed by those simple acts.  now, i’m not saying that y’all should be buying us office girls lunch or starbucks left and right, but may i encourage you to maybe be thinking of small ways to demonstrate care and thoughtfuless to the sisters around you (in your caregroup, in your immediate circle of friends, etc)? 

ok, so i’m sure several of you are thinking, “are you crazy?!  i can’t do that!  they’ll totally read into it and then it will just create a huge mess!”  well…  maybe…  but here’s a couple thoughts on that:
– if you don’t single specific girls out, or if you do things that bless multiple girls at once, your chances of girls reading into it are significantly lesser.  or what if you and another guy went in together? what if all the guys in the caregroup collectively blessed all the girls in the caregroup? 
– if this were something that all, most, or even just some of the guys in the group were to become characterized by, it wouldn’t seem quite so abnormal, wierd, or suspicious.  so why not cultivate a general attitude amongst the men in the (and as a) group to seek ways to honor and bless your sisters? 

it really does go a long way in enouraging us toward biblical femininity, specifically.

one last thought:  please be patient with us as we grow in learning to not read into simple kindnesses, and as we attempt to support you as you grow in leadership and biblical manhood.  we know that we often fail in being the best example of womanhood, but we’re all learning and growing together.

and to those of you who already do practice and cultivate biblical manhood (and there are many of you!) – thank you, thank you, thank you!  it is not easy to fight that battle in our culture, but we as your sisters are so grateful that you do!  you are a provoking example to us and you bring much glory to the Savior with the way you live your lives!  to Him be all glory! 


9 thoughts on ““we’re all in this together…” (sorry i couldn’t resist! haha!)

  1. Thanks for posting this.  God has a way of using some of the most seemingly mundane actions to communicate his kindness for us.  Thanks for encouraging us and giving us parameters that really describe what it looks like and also for cautions and how to approach the situation carefully, but with boldness. (This is a great way to encouraging Biblical masculinity!)  Thanks.

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