you know how there are certain songs that are forever imbedded in your
childhood? songs that were popular when you were young, that you
knew all the words to, even if you didn’t understand what you were

for me, that song was “baby, baby” by amy grant. i knew all the
words (and every fill) and sung them all the time. my cousins and
i (i was not alone in this!) would rock out to this song in the back
seat of their sky blue minivan. we even have some home video
footage involving me “singing” that song with a microphone that also
doubled as… a flashlight? or was it a kitchen spoon? i’m
not really sure…

(disturbingly enough, the last 2 times i’ve walked into my local Paradise Bakery – i’ve heard that song playing on the radio.)

anyway – i found the music video for “baby, baby” on youtube (see
below). i had never seen it before! now, the early 90’s
clothing (please note the patchwork blazer with oversized shoulder
pads) and “dancing” styles (the chicken wing?!) were definitely a
little shocking and
hilarious. but that was not the thought that struck me as the
video played. oh no.

see, viewing this video sent my paradigm spiraling downward where it
hit the cold hard floor of reality and crashed into a million
pieces. for years – years – i had thought amy grant was singing this song about and to her child. her baby. literally.

it would appear that i was wrong. the “baby” referred to in this
“famous” song from my childhood is a GUY! a boyfriend! a
husband! a romantic interest! aaaahhhhh!!!

all this time… all these years…

EDIT: ok so apparently i wasn’t TOTALLY wrong. according to this, she WAS inspired by an actual baby! ha!


9 thoughts on “nostalgia…revised?

  1. R.O.T.F.L!!! OHMYGOSH! you crack me up! I CAN’T belive you didn’t know it was about a guy! saying “baby” in a song was a staple to a good love song back then and even now. Btw, when Britney Spears says “hit me baby, one more timeshe’s not telling her literal baby to hit her one more time

  2. As soon as I read, “you know how there are certain songs embedded in your childhood?” my brain immediately began playing “Baby, baby, I’m taken with the notion…” Oh, yeah. In the fourth grade, much to my delight, my classmates had nicknamed me “Amy Grant” b/c I sang this song repeatedly during recess, lunchtime, you name it! (Or maybe I just imagined that was my nickname! Maybe, I was the only one that called myself Amy Grant!):~) In fact, I HAD this music video on VHS, along with “Every Heartbeat” and “That’s What Love is For.” You can borrow it, if you want! :~) Another look into the many reasons Keith was the ONLY guy that ever asked me out… :~)

  3. HAHAHAHA! I had never seen that music video. I’m glad that chicken wing thing died back in the nineties. I’m surprised that you didn’t know it was for a boyfriend though. Oh well. When you grow up and see things for what they are rather than what you thought…well, it is most certainly entertaining!

  4. i actually bought this cd for a nonbeliever as an evangelistic gift…needless to say it didn’t work.

  5. oh wow you are bringing it all back for me too. wow. yeah. i went to her concert when i was in 6th grade and pretty much thought that it was the coolest thing ever.

  6. the epitome of romance:rolling an orage across the floor…wow.I must say though…I totally loved this song too. My mom had the VHS for it way back when. Maybe we STILL have it actually.

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