one thing i miss about being in school is the breaks – winter break, spring break, summer break, thanksgiving break, etc. i don’t have those anymore.

but my dad does! (he’s a teacher)

so he and i have started watching movie trilogies/series’ on his breaks. over christmas break we watched all 3 of the extended editions of LOTRs (since he’d never really* seen them).

for spring break, we’re watching the Back to the Future trilogy (since i’ve never really* seen them).

*really – “have seen bits and pieces of each but never saw any of them the whole way through.”

now when i say “watch,” i mean that we watch it using the laptop, which is connected to the projector, which displays the movie onto a 6ft wide screen on our living room wall. oh. yeah. it pretty much rocks.

last night we watched the first BtF and commented on how we both always wanted to be able to do that “jump-and-slide-across-the-hood-of-the-car” thing.


good times with dad.


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  1. there’s nothing like back to future, and remembering how we all wish we could do things like that or in my case, have a time machine.

  2. So, after reading this, I realized that I have not seen any of the Back to the Future’s all the way through, so tonight, Keith & I will be watching the first one (while eating gummi bears, the movie snack of choice)! By the way, what do you mean you miss the breaks from school? Weren’t you homeschooled? Doesn’t that mean that you never have a break from school, since you’re always at home? How does that work?

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