yep! that’s me!

as many of my gmail friends know, i recently changed my profile picture to the following:

it’s a long story, but it’s based on the fact that my “spy name” is
Girlscout. however, it was originally Scout. the picture is of actress
Mary Badham, who played Scout in the movie To Kill A Mockingbird.

seeing my new profile picture prompted the following chat conversation with my friend luz :

11:28 AM Luz: who’s the kid who looks freakishly like you?
you think she looks like me?!
11:29 AM that’s Mary Badham – she played Scout on To Kill A Mockingbird
my agent call sign was originally Scout before it became Girlscout
Luz: that’s too funny.
me: you really think she looks like me?
11:30 AM Luz: from the teeny picture, she definitely has your confused-“but i should know this” expression.
THAT i agree with
the expression is definitely a familiar one

welcome to my world, folks! i pretty much live in a continual
state of mild confusion, yet thinking “but i should know this…”


8 thoughts on “yep! that’s me!

  1. i totally didn’t mean that in a, “gee, you look like that all the time.” on the contrary, i relish those brief, rare, encounters where i don’t feel like a doofus. 🙂

  2. Hi!  I found you through Anna (of course).  I just wanted to say that I love your background and you layout, it is very pretty. 
    And I heard good things about your from Anna, she says she loved working with you and you quote movies *all* the time!  Both of which sounded like compliments to me. 

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