out of the mouths of children…

i love it when kids say things that God uses to remind me of His truths. like last week…

was babysitting the daukas kiddos and we decided to go on a little
jaunt to the park or to get chocolate milk or something fun.  i
thought it would work out just fine since chris and tara had left the
van.  but alas, we couldn’t find the keys.  i’m not sure if
chris and tara had the keys with them, or if i just didn’t know where
to look.  either way, there were no keys to be readily found and
therefore no jaunt to be readily taken.  poor taylor (4 yrs old)
was very disappointed.  i knelt down in front of her and explained
that we were going to have to go out another time since we didn’t have
the keys.  the exchange went something like this:

taylor: “can we use your keys?”
miss andrea: “no, my keys only work for my car.  and mom and daddy’s keys only work for the van.”
taylor: “but i really wanted to go!”
miss andrea: “i’m sorry taylor, but we’re not going to be able to go out tonight.  maybe we can go next time.”
taylor: “nooo!  but mommy and daddy will take the keys every time!  we’ll never get to go!”
miss andrea: “but taylor, i can just ask mommy and daddy to leave me the keys next time.”
taylor: “no they’re going to take them!”
miss andrea: “taylor, it’s ok, miss andrea will ask them for the keys before they leave and they’ll give them to me.”
taylor: “oh.”

it was really all i could do to not laugh at her response.  in her
little 4-year-old brain, it seemed impossible.  she couldn’t
understand how it would work.  to her, it was hopeless.  and
yet the answer was so simple and obvious to me.  i mean, hello –
i’ll just ask chris and tara.  no big deal right? 

and then it hit me. 

often do i look at my circumstances, or my current challenge and think
“it’s impossible.  it’s never going to happen” simply because i
can’t visualize it or get my human brain around how it could possibly

and yet the answer is so simple and obvious to our
all-powerful and all-knowing Father.  how often He must laugh at
us, so upset and confused and saying “noooo!  it will never happen!” simply because we can’t see how.

that unsaved friend who you are convinced will never believe the
gospel.  or the opportunity you know just won’t happen because you
can’t see where the financial provision is going to come from.  or
that future spouse that you’re beginning to think doesn’t exist because
you haven’t met them yet.  or this area of besetting sin that will
simply never die because you’ve already tried to kill it and have

but that’s where it takes faith. 

faith to trust in our God who is limited by nothing, thwarted by nothing, hindered by nothing, delayed by nothing. 

faith to trust in our God who controls all things, ordains all things, knows all things.

faith to trust in our God who is all-powerful, all-wise, all-loving.

faith to trust in our God who never slumbers, never stumbles, never forgets, never forsakes.

and with God, all things are impossible.

“trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding…”  proverbs 3:5


5 thoughts on “out of the mouths of children…

  1. Those are some awesome thoughts! I can totally agree with the way in which we often look at the circumstances and do not understand how God could possibly overcome them since we cannot. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Hey Friend!  Thanks for sharing, this was very encouraging!  I’m going to pass it on to a friend or two of mine who are having a hard time if you don’t mind.   

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