when i was in college i had this Poli Sci class that pretty much consisted of my
“professor” (who also happened to double as the athletic director at one of
other community colleges) sitting on the desk at the front, swinging his legs
back and forth and chatting it up with the class.  we discussed all sorts of
present day topics – mostly stuff that was in the recent news.  about 75% of the
grade was based on “class participation” – clearly a means of motivating the
class to join in the talking.  shockingly, this was not a problem for me at all.  ::wink:: 

but sometimes i’d get bored with the topic, or would get hungry and
tired (as was most often the case, this being the last class i had before i got
to head home for lunch) and didn’t really feel like “participating.”  so i began
filling that class time with other… pursuits.  after contributing a few
sentances to the discussion at hand (i wasn’t about to give up the possibility
of an A simply by keeping my mouth shut!), i often would pull out my
notebook and begin composing very deep and meaningful … top ten lists.  yeah. 
my cousins and i were into making “top ten lists” just for kicks.  i ran across
some of them the other day and thought i would post a few for the amusement of
all.  🙂

Ten Ways to You Know You’re A Babysitter:
You can make craft mac ‘n cheese blindfolded, with both hands tied behind your
At social functions, you gravitate more toward the toddlers than the
You break into cynical laughter when anyone mentions the idea of children being
“sweet and innocent”.
You’ve mastered the art of changing dirty diapers without touching the “stuff”,
without taking more then one breath, and only using 2 wipes,
You consider getting paid $5/hour really good
You’ve ever gotten those “poor young mother” looks from old women as you walk
the kids to the park.
Threats, bribes, and blackmail are no longer considered dishonorable methods of
manipulation, but wonderful, beneficial tools for encouraging
You have a very high crying tolerance.
You can eat 3 scoops worth of ice cream without making any noticeable dent in
the container.
You think bedtime routines that involve lullaby music, “nighttime water”,
leaving the door open exactly 2.731 inches, laying the
blanket at a perfect 16 degree angle to the child,
tucking the teddy bear under the child’s left arm with their pinky resting on
the bear’s nose, and leaving the night light on in the corner, in the bathroom,
down the hall, and in the master bedroom are ridiculous, obsessive,
tortuous, and you have sworn off anything of the kind!

more to come…  🙂


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  1. I am one of the many blessed mothers who are grateful for your ability to make this “top ten” list, and who have received the fruit of your experience baby-sitting! (I am esp. grateful for your “high crying tolerance”) :~) Thank you for your faithful service for Keith & I and countless other families! You have no idea how much this blesses us! Oh, and as I was reading this, Toby came up behind me and exclaimed, “Andrea!!!” Proof that those weeping eyes as we walk out the door are nothing but manipulation! :~) He loves you!

  2. scotty b a male nanny… what? crazy dude…lol that made me laugh andrea. But come on number 1? Am I really that bad?? Thanks for being such a wonderful babysitter we are so blessed by you!

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