a few new favorites…

new favorite activity: sudoku (despite my horrible experience during the Amazing Race)

new favorite vegetable: asparagus

new favorite tv show: Numb3rs

new favorite word: vitiate

new [favorite?] area of service: nursery 2

speaking of the 2 year olds… there is a certain dear little boy
who often has a hard time, particularly in the beginning.  since i
know him well and love him dearly (translate: i won’t let him get away
with anything), i am often on “trevor duty.”  this week was no
exception.  well, except this week, the beautiful and talented
best friend – raigan – was on picture duty.  she came into the
nursery and captured some tender moments… 

this little girl was new and she wouldn’t leave my side the entire morning.  she really liked blowing bubbles outside!

i just love kids!  πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “a few new favorites…

  1. Aww how cute!  I saw a woman a few weeks ago who looked like she could be your cousin or something with the cutest little red haired daughter!  Good veggie, great activity!  I love Sudoku! 

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