and the fun continues…

i think this one was officially my favorite.  unfortunately, i
can’t take credit for it, as my cousin nicole was the one who actually
wrote it…

Top 10 Ways to be a PDI Poster Child

(please note – this list was constructed shortly after we made the switch to “Sovereign Grace Ministries”)

you correct people when they say PDI, “do you mean sovereign grace

9. you
wear all of the t-shirts from past conferences at whatever conference you’re
8. you
introduce yourself to all of the speakers and say hello to them as you pass them
in the hall (as if they recognize you from the 10,000 people who they
7. you
have a crush on one of the pastor’s kids
6. you
have an inter-PDI pool on who will court who next and who will marry who
your Cd collection consists of only PDI worship music
4. you
play an instrument, preferably the piano, and you must be able to dance while
playing it
your answer to every question is either the cross or the
2. you own tons
of books you’ve never read, but C.J. said to buy them, so you do, but never read
them except I kissed dating goodby and Boy Meets Girl which you’ve read like
10,000 times
1. your dream is either going to the Pastor’s college
or marrying someone who will go to the pastor’s college

16 thoughts on “and the fun continues…

  1. “Boy meets world”? the tv show? wow I use to love that show, but for some reason I think she meant to say “Boy meets Girl” which IS a great book, and no I have not read it 10,000 times. “you have a crush on one of the pastors kids” and the marrying someone who will go to the pastors college one are my favorites, so true!

  2. That is hilariously brilliant while convicting at the same time, I’m going to have to go to the cross and preach the Gospel to myself everyday from now to New Attitude to overcome this!  (I’m already packing my celebration tee shirts, my Na ’04 baseball jersey shirt, my I Whale NA shirt and my NA promo shirt for the trip!)  ;-P Score again Andrea and family! 

  3. We get all of this since the Pastors College students come through our church. What good times! Around the time this list was made, he hot CDs of the day would have been “No Greater Love,” “Upward,” and “All We Long to See” for the musically daring types.

  4. sorry. I didn’t mean to make my comment sound bad. I thought about it later and I was worried it came across wrong.

    I love SG and you guys………..
    It’s just a special world that I didn’t understand since I didn’t grow up in it. that’s all! 🙂

  5. That list was great; it made me laugh.
    Oh yeah, I didn’t get to tell you bye, but I did want to tell you it was nice meeting you. Your service to your church encourages me to want to invest more in my church and look for way to serve others.

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