it’s official.  i am a geek.  now, for many of you this is not news at all.  but some of you may be wondering what brought about this conclusion.  allow me to explain…


that on my ear is what they call a bluetooth – a wireless devise used in conjunction with one’s cell phone.  it’s so cool and i totally love it.  🙂  (although, this really shouldn’t be too surprising.  some of my favorite parts of Alias were all the rad gadgets they used to pull off the missions – from coms to picture pens, i loved it!)

i just finished watching the season finale of my favorite show: Numb3rs.  now, the fact that a tv show that airs on friday nights about a math genius who helps his brother solve crimes at the FBI is my favorite – that alone qualifies me as a geek.

in aforementioned season finale, my favorite character – Agent Colby Granger:

turned out to be bad.  a spy.  a double agent.  a betrayer.  and now i’m crushed.  ::sigh::  how this relates to my being a geek… i’m not entirely sure but it probably does somehow…

my digital camera has finally returned to me!  it was broken and now it has been repaired.  and i’m uber excited.  i’ve been tracking the shipment online for the last 3 days!
(no, that is not my hand)

it was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

oi vey.  i better get to bed before this dramatic streak gets any worse!  🙂


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  1. numb3rs is a good show, i watch it off and on. congrats from coming to grips with your new status as a geek. what do you think is the difference between a nerd and geek?

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