home from the new attitude conference!

it was great.  i was humbled, provoked, encouraged, devastated, elated. 

and i’m tired.

too tired to post anything of much substance.  so in lieu…

you can get an “almost-like-you-were-there” recap here.

you can get all the messages for FREE here.

the worship playlist was also documented (hooray!) here.

and this is my favorite picture from the conference:

more substantial stuff later…

[edit: the tshirt in the picture can be found here
please note that the purchase of pictured tshirt does not imply the
recommendation of the site or other tshirts on the site.  ]


16 thoughts on “

  1. New Attitude was awesome! I was so encouraged and provoked. It was good to see you (even for just a little bit, you are a busy woman!) I love the picture!

  2. Great shirt!  I so enjoyed seeing and catching up with you, and meeting your mom (again) and actually talking to her this time around!  No wonder you have such a servant’s heart with the examples you’ve been given in your parents.  I’ve enjoyed seeing you “parental units” at the last 3 New Attitudes I’ve been at as well, and I’ve never seen them not serving. 

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