the key to truly enjoying munchkins
(or “donut holes” as they were called when i was growing up)
from Dunkin Donuts®
is to not keep track of how many you’ve eaten.  


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  1. Then again, if one were to actually need any sort of pointer on how to enjoy a doughnut hole then we have a different sort of case altogether. Perhaps one in which doughnut holes should not be ingested at all, at least not until some sort of medical professional can charge obscene amounts of money and tell us things that our mothers could have told us on a hunch. Only after that should a doughnut hole-eating frenzy take place. Perhaps other provisos could be enacted. Such as: You can keep track of how many doughnut holes you eat, just as long as you don’t care. Or at least you have the uncanny ability to eat three dozen and not be worried because you have a “high metabolism.” Which is a lame reason to justify eating gross amounts of sugar in short periods of time, as if a high metabolism boosts your pancreatic powers to superman levels. I’m not a medical professional, so maybe it does. Can’t sleep. Almost died by the hands of a intoxicated reggae musician under the influence of “da erbs” the other day. Remind me to tell you about it some time. Your guaranteed to keel over laughing. Only me right? :)Z Vaughn

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