oh right.  the bathroom.  so the finished product looks a little something like this:

here’s a close up of the shower curtain (so you can see the actual color scheme inspiration, despite the bad picture):

the colors are light sea blue, a light sage-y green, pale yellow, and a sort of bronze. 

so yeah.  i pretty much love it. 


2 thoughts on “

  1. Nice!! Andrea, you are soo cute. Great bathroom. I’ll have to visit sometime. lol. I love your picture. It is always great to see you laugh. How are you? I have missed you. I am so sorry I haven’t kept in contact with you as much as I should have. Please forgive me. I would like to stay in better contact with you and send you letters of encouragement so when you get a chance please send me your email address or email me at carolinalydia @ hotmail .com Thank you so much!!! I praise God for you!!! I will continue to keep you in my prayers. Live each day to the fullest while living the glorious presence of the Lord.
    Your sister in Christ,

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