the latest and greatest (in pictorial form!  well, mostly…)

my latest desktop:

(the cast of my favorite tv show: Numb3rs)  🙂

my latest calendar page (and probably also my favorite one):

my latest thrill (i’ve always wanted to make one of these – and i finally had the perfect opportunity at the twentyfour:seven 4th of july party!) :

latest read:

latest flick:

latest lesson: pay attention to recipe measurements and don’t just glance at them.  especially when it’s a chocolate sauce recipe.  there is a big difference between 2 tablespoons of water and 2 cups of water.  like, have-to-start-over kind of big difference.  🙂 

and the GREATEST:

happy birthday to the greatest daddy EVER! 

greatest (translate: current favorite) website: this one – the dearest people on earth. 


9 thoughts on “

  1. what did you think of the pelican brief? i thought it moved along slowly and was more of a character driven move instead of a story driven movie (basicly the actors out did the storyline).seriously, it’s good to find fellow homeschool/adventures in dysery nerds have not completely grown up. can you believe it’s the 20th year of aio? crazy..Edwin: “I’ll call a cab. Preciously how do you call a cab, Shakespeare?”Shakespeare: “With a phone, sir.”

  2. Totes for the calendar page. I saw that one some time ago, and my response is still the same…laughing out loud. Armageddon had it all wrong…Someone had actually wished on a falling star for the death of all mankind. Such things are the parts of the story never shown in the movies.

  3. My impressions of your post: Interesting (desktop), Funny (calender – seen it – still laughing), Yummy (fruit salad – good job!), Neat (Jane Austen book – will have to aquire), Intriguing (movie – haven’t seen recently), Happy Birthday! (nice shirt), Read Your Recipes! See you later friend!

  4. Yay for Numb3rs! When I get back, we should have a marathon watching them – especially as I’ve only seen parts and bits. 🙂Love the calendar! That and one of the engineering ones are my favorites.Mmmm, blackberries, strawberries, kiwi – that looks luscious!Haven’t seen the movie or read the book – they both look interesting…Happy Birthday to your dad!And yay for the website (FINALLY!), only the link doesn’t work…

  5. I thought of you this morning at breakfast because one of the singles guys was making a fruit bowl from a watermelon. it wasn’t as lovely as yours but I was still reminded of you. happy birthday Dad!!

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