summer fun

so… friday night a group of us met at freestone park for some good summer fun – ice blocking!  (also known as “arizona sledding”)  now, for those of you who have never heard of ice-blocking, it works a little something like this…

you take these:

place a towel on top, then sit on it and ride it all the way down a hill, like so:

(please note the expression of intense determination on andrew’s face)

there are many variations of positions.  you can go down linking arms:

you can go down on your stomach:

or you can go down toboggan style:

drew even thought about going down “skateboard style.”  yeah, that didn’t exactly work.

sometimes there were a few wipeouts…

and yes, your rear does get a little wet, despite the towels…

oh, but it’s loads of fun!!! 

we finished the evening off with a couple rounds at the batting cages, then getting the best shaved ice ever at Bahama Bucks, and several hysterical rounds of catch phrase at the shank’s house. 

fun times!!



7 thoughts on “summer fun

  1. Dude that looks so fun! I’ve lived here my entire life and never ice blocked. Sad. You should let us know next time (if you want) we could bring the kids down. Trevor would get a real kick out of that!!

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