Consider God’s holiness… Isaiah 6:1-7

wasn’t jon’s message on sunday just outstanding?  i was so encouraged and affected by it. 

one point in particular that stood out to me was when jon was talking about the seraphim who used two of their wings to cover their feet.  he said that one reason they [may have] covered their feet, was to cover the signs of their “creatureliness,” so that any indication of their created status would not detract from the Uncreated One. 

i was immediately struck by the humility in such an action and the great passion for the glory of God thus displayed by the seraphim.  my heart leapt within me as i thought, “yes!  that’s it!  i never want any part of my ‘creatureliness’ to detract from the glory of the Uncreated One!”

_ i want to pursue God in my private devotions in way that increases my knowledge and awe of the Holy Uncreated One.

_ i want to work and go about my tasks and duties motivated by bringing
glory to the Uncreated One, not desiring to draw attention to my gifts
or strengths (signs of my “creatureliness”).

_ i want to dress modestly, in such a way that more attention is drawn to the Uncreated One that i serve, rather than my physical being and what i look like (signs of my “creatureliness”).

_ i want to speak in a way that draws more attention to the Uncreated One than it does to me.

i was so encouraged by the provocation toward more ways of applying the concept of “living for the glory of God”…

praise be to Him who makes this all possible by having cleansed us, removed our guilt, and atoned for our sins!

(if you missed the message, or want to hear it again, it is available for FREE download here.)


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  1. Amen. I also liked Jon’s gifted preaching. Thanks for your post. I totally agree that we should not seek to draw attention away from God. This leads to self-glorification, which is idolatry, which is pride, which is sin, which is creatureliness.
    As God created man from the dust, it pleased Him to create angels out of fire; they share with us the state of being created and they are mindful of God’s Uncreatedness. When we are given a new body, it will still be created by God. As an image-bearer of the Creator, we do well to understand our creatureliness in terms of lacking the outward Shakineh Glory of the Lord but also the unglorious sinful nature within.

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